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Kokena Charitable Foundation

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Kokena is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that manages online resources to help people and businesses give one to one another. The word “Kokena” means “joy, to be happy”. We promote the joy of giving through the GIFT System. We invite other charitable organizations to partner with us and use this system as way to promote the joy of giving among their members as well.

See:  http://kokena.com

The Give-It-Forward Tracking System (GIFT System) empowers people and businesses to create giving groups where members “give-it-forward” to one another and track the net results of their mutual giving.  It empowers non-profit organizations to multiply their goodwill by encouraging recipients of their beneficial influence to join and actively participate in “give-it-forward” networks. Members of these social giving networks are encouraged to give gifts (cash, products, services, etc.) forward to others in an amount equal to or more than the value of the gifts they received and to donate an amount of up to ten percent (a tithe) of the received value to the sponsoring non-profit organizations.
What is the impact of one act of charitable giving? How does that impact multiply if the receiver of a gift shows their gratitude by giving it forward? In the movie entitled “Pay It Forward” an investigator tracks a path of giving back to a young man whose initial acts of kindness benefited so many people. We have a natural desire to thank and even reward those who have been kind and generous to us.

The GIFT System provides a way for a member to track the influence of giving in both directions. The “ancestral” gifting tree contains persons whose acts of giving currently impact the member, and the “descendant” gifting tree contains persons to whom the member’s acts of giving currently benefit. When a member gives back to another member in their ancestral gift tree, they are essentially “rewarding” that person for their acts of giving. It is totally voluntary; there exists no obligation to do so, but it is natural for us to enjoy circles of giving among friends. The GIFT System’s patent-pending methods automatically adjust the gift amounts around such circles to reflect current gift balances in these gifting trees.

A secondary act of thankfulness espoused by the GIFT System is for members to support the sponsoring charities by donating a portion of the gifts received. Although the traditional amount is a tithe (10%), members are welcome to donate any amount they feel expresses their gratitude.


Mobile Social Network Applications

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Multispan is currently working with Qwigie Games, Inc. to develop social-network applications that inspire people to compare and compete with their friends in the creation of Quick Pick® fantasy-sports teams (like football, basketball, NASCAR, etc.).  Major sponsors and charitable organizations have expressed an interest in funding these contests for promotional and fund raising purposes.  The system architecture inolves a PHP-based Applications Programming Interface (API) that returns either XML or JSON data.

See http://qwigie.com

Click on the Quick Pick® Play Now area in the bottom right corner of this page to view an example of the mobile application.  To go directly to the mobile application in a mobile web browser view NASCAR rosters, please enter:



Loan-It-Forward Tracking (LIFT) System

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Multispan is now focusing on innovative ways for businesses and individuals to provide loans, gifts, and referrals to one another.   The Loan-It-Forward Tracking(LIFT) System empowers members to build personal and business relationships based on faith, hope, and charity and create business activity even during economically challenging times by compassionately loaning products and services to each other in a charitable and accountable manner.  Significant inspiration has been felt many times.  In particular, during the research and exploration phase to help barter systems protect the value of trade units, the software engineers realized that the now patent-pending solution to the problem can be solved in the network flow calculations that Dr. Erickson worked on during his doctoral studies at Stanford University.

Recently, we have realized that a variation of the Loan-It-Forward Trade (LIFT) System, called  the  Give-It-Forward Tithe (GIFT) System empowers charitable institutions with the ability to encourage people to give gifts and loans to one another and donate a tithe to the charitable organization.

See http://giftracking.com


Streaming and Controllable Video Training System

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Multispan developed innovative training and communications tools for surgeons to provide online live and pre-recorded video training using FLEX 3, PHP, mySQL, and Flash Media Server (FMS).  Surgeons associated with major medical manufacturing companies have used this system to conduct on-line round tables and live surgery broadcasts into trade show booths.    These round tables also allow over 100 surgeons to interactively control and discuss a surgical training video displayed in a web browser.

One significant moment of inspiration occurred just hours before a version of the software was to be deployed but the video was not synching up properly, so the up to 100 observers would all be watching video at different starting points.  After a moment of prayer, a systems engineer received direct inspiration to simply switch two sections of code.  One section of code sent out a message all 100 listeners to ‘seek’ for a particular position in the video clip and the second section of code caused all the videos to “play”.  Even though this sequence (“seek” then “play”)  seemed logical, it failed, but when switched (“play” then “seek”)  it worked.  This revelation was received just hours before we successfully launched that version of the application.

See www.viprt.com

Use ‘demo’ for Company code, select top channel, and use ‘demo’ for the Administration code.


Genealogical Family Tree

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Multispan worked with a team of programmers using FLEX 3 to develop a graphical representations of genealogical family trees

See www.genetree.com.

Register, enter in a few family members and then observe the “graphical tree” developed with the help of Multispan.